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[Resolved] PlayerAuctions / scam.

I have purchased the deluxe edition, paid and it and it does not work. Then further I purchased the standard edition from “their” site and the payment goes through but then they cancel the whole deal, try reach out to them and have no response whatsoever. You email the customer complaint.

PlayerAuctions / poor site management/integration with email server, zendesk, and player guardian

Any order I place with any type of payment method that I’ve access to fails. In the status I get: Order closed by system – payment settlement failed Date of incidents: Ongoing Description: Then there are delays on payment processing refunds, and some people don’t even get their money back at.

PlayerAuctions / complete scam

This company will not return any emails and avoids providing the service they promise. They work with the seller and provide zero support for the buyer. I spent over $500 on a virtual good and Playerauction insurance that was later ripped off on. They have yet to acknowledge the failed.

PlayerAuctions / deal on fortnite

CheapersGolds put up an offer online 500obsidian ore for 8$. The payment was taken then I get a messages saying that they wont deliver because the maket went up after I had already paid for the product. Refuses to deliver or give a refund which if Fraudulent and Theift. I want my money.

PlayerAuctions / csgo product trade bot scam.

So I set up an offer in order to sell my gloves from CSGO. I later decided to change my mind and wanted to get my gloves back, I requested cancelation 30+ times and they have yet to get their bot to send my gloves back to me. Overall, I do not recommend selling anything STEAM related on.

PlayerAuctions / league of legends account order id 139053530

So, I buy this platinum 5 account on the euw server for $15, and guess what? The login details didnt work. So the guy actually sent me the wrong login info, I go to dispute it and lose. They wanted me to show evidence, how the fuck can I show evidence of an account that I didnt get the.

PlayerAuctions / very poor communication and ticket resolution

This is my second purchase from PlayerAuctions and the first transaction proceeded smoothly due to the small amount related to the purchase. However, this second purchase (Order# 3892125 involves a much larger one and is now stuck at the “Verifying Payment” stage. I’ve checked their support.

PlayerAuctions / Playerauctions is not responding to my help ticket.

Can someone please respond to me from playerauctions holy moly! Legit been waiting days for a response and no one ever replies and seeing as though my support ticket is literally getting no response what so ever on it I have to keep repeating my self and sending new complaints to try get.

PlayerAuctions / signing in

it tells me to sign in the first time but when i try to go to my messages it tells me to sign in again but this time it wont accept my sign in even though it accepted it right before i went to messages. I also made a purchase i would like either a refund on my purchase i made or i would.

PlayerAuctions / osrs account hacked back by owner.

I bought “lvl 104 dher/staker. Bgloves, tent, fcape, ddefender, v. + ‘$115.00 insurance coverage for 1 year'” from this site a while back and after around a week the account got hacked back I tried to send a dispute but it got so confusing and they required evidence that I literally.

PlayerAuctions / osrs account recovered, order id:#3713225

I’ve provided evidence countless amounts of times for my refund, and yet your team is still protecting the seller because I’m unable to provide proof of the seller reclaiming the account? what does your team deem valid proof? the seller post a selfie with his playerauctions username.

PlayerAuctions / account reclaimed order id: 3443411

I purchased an account on January 4, 2018 and everything seemed to be fine up until 5 months later the owner reclaimed the account. I messaged the seller and received no response so I filed a dispute. I emailed playerauction regarding this dispute pretty much every day and I would get.

PlayerAuctions / order id #3776265

I paid for this item. The mail and password didn’t march. So I messaged the seller about the situation. He didn’t reply. Then I started a dispute for a full refund. Then after sometime the seller replied for the dispute by saying that he has mistakenly given a wrong information and he will.

PlayerAuctions / scammed for 19e

I bought a Blizzard account with Overwatch (order 3767373) and I was able to login initially and changed the password but the owner reset the account in like 1 hour and now I cannot use it anymore. It says the account does not exist. I escalated this to Player Auctions to get money or the.

PlayerAuctions / account reclaimed

Hello, I have some serious problems with the seller. The first account got hacked so the seller offered me a new one. When I got the second I have spent around 20$ on fortinte v-bucks. He told me that when I give him edited positive feedback he will give me the account. He also told me that.

PlayerAuctions / csgo steam account

This is the worst support i’ve ever talked with, i bought this account from their site and the seller gave me the info. Everything was good for a while, until suddenly the account was reclaimed back to the real owner, the seller was suppose to provide me with a new account, but sold.

PlayerAuctions / insurance, disputes

Don’t buy playerauctions insurance and they are biased on keeping the money. dispute #19926. I had a dispute about one of the sellers who sold me an osrs account. the owner recovered the account and I had proof that it was him. but the owner decided to play “dumb” and started stating stuff.

PlayerAuctions / site is a ripoff

I purchased a Clash of Clans account from a seller and 2 days after the owner of the account cursed my clan and left. So i opened a dispute with P/A claiming that I don”t have full access. Because the seller is still using the account and i wanted a refund. But instead they just threw my.

PlayerAuctions / extremely poor service all around, every time

Okay, so this is maybe my fourth or fifth time buying from PlayerAuctions. I thought maybe this time would be different, but no. I’m honestly fed up with these guys and will never give them another chance. Here’s the timeline: -4/25/18, 6:00 AM: I create an order. -4/25/18, 6:26 AM: I see.

PlayerAuctions / customer service

I bought a game account on PlayerAuctions. I authorized the payment through PayPal. After that PlayerAuctions wanted to verify the payment. Now the disaster struck. I have been busy for one afternoon to sent them everything to verify to them that I am the buyer. I sent them everything.

PlayerAuctions reviews

Ratings Summary

i got bull$#*!ed on when i bought a account from here it said Payment Failed your account has not been chareged buy they dident give me $#*! back i dont recomend this $#*! site that dosent work dont ever buy something from here

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m happy to let you know that the order has already been voided from our system, and the refund transaction ID is 2GA47181XV569492V; the money should be with you already.

I’m sorry to hear that your payment was declined. Our anti-fraud system may have most likely picked up security issues with your account; I highly recommend you check your account information and update/edit them as necessary, then try purchasing again.

If you have further questions, please use the Q&A form here so we can assist you, Dario. Thank you and good day!

Best regards,

Excellent service, used several times for different items and sellers. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting an edge up.

If u guys develop Android app it’ll be lot more efficient cz if I’m outside then I can’t use lappy or PC to access website And reply. Accessing heavy website through Android is bad idea.

Thank you for the android app suggestion. Our development team is working round the clock to continuously improve our services and find ways for our community to access our marketplace. However, this presents additional security considerations, especially if we are going to expand our visibility for the android front.

Stay tuned to our website though; we never know, and this might be included in the pipeline!

Have a good day. 🙂

Best regards,

I bought an account paid the insurance next day player took account back. filed a dispute with pictures and email communication confirming.bought insurance ,no matter what information you have it will never be enough to claim on the insurance. SCAM save your money do not deal with this company. horrible support

I’m truly sorry but upon checking with our support team, the evidence you sent was insufficient. Even with insurance packages, we still require buyers to prove their claim with compelling evidence or correspondence from the game publisher in order to make the process fair to the seller as well. I’m sorry for how this turned out, but if there’s anything we can do for you, CH, please contact us by writing a message through the Q&A form here.

Best regards,

bought an account, the seller claimed the account, i loss money and account, playerauctions dont say nothing to my emails. My bank can refund me the money so is time to procede, dont buy on this web is a totally scam.

I checked on order 4062896, but there were no tickets for this very same order, although I can acknowledge that the order ID exists in our logs. I can also see that there are no disputes for this yet; I have now asked our support team to contact you and the seller. Please note that you need to contact Hi-Rez and ask for the status of the account. They should say something along the lines of “the account was reclaimed by the original owner”. Please take a screenshot of that and reply it back to the email our support team will send you within the allotted time, which will also be mentioned in the mail. (The screenshot should also contain the username of the account along with the statement I explained)

If you have further questions, Ivan, please use the Q&A form here so we can assist you with it. Have a good day, Ivan.

Best regards,

I’ve bought multiple accounts on player auctions without any problems. But recently i tried buying an account and the order was canceled but my money was taken and never refunded. And it sucks they have no customer service or any type of help service. i cant make contact to anyone because i cant dispute.

I’m truly sorry about this. I was able to consult the respective department about this, and the good news is that the refund has already been processed. This is your transaction ID: 8T9244652R681784V. I sincerely apologize that you weren’t able to get any sort of response, but if you continue to have problems, please use the Q&A form of SiteJabber so I can assist you.

Hope you have a good day, Levi!

Best regards,

I have lost a dispute when it clearly had some evidence on my site. I wanted them atleast to check the dispute on the easiest level but they had no effort for it. The original owner of the google account somehow got it back and mysteriously he changed the password 3 month ago when the account also was sold the second time 3 month ago. They did not even want to check the orders for screenshots and stuff to clearly check if the account got double sold. They searched the easiest way out even tho I used to buy the insurance to be safe. Never ever trust into them guys.

I’m very sorry that the turnout was not in your favor. I checked with our team and the evidence received was insufficient – please note that even with insurance packages, we will still require users to validate their claim. I’m also sorry because the one you sent was inconclusive; In order to make the process fair, we have to rule out that the evidence incriminates the other user beyond any shadow of a doubt.

If you have further questions or concerns, please let me know, Julian.

Best regards,

I accepted a trade offer though their bot July 16 for a CSGO item. I waited over the 15 day waiting period to see my item on PlayerAuction site. Contacted 10 days ago and still haven’t heard anything back. What a joke They are obviously trying scam people..

No – the item has still not been returned. Its not in my Playerauction inventory nor my steam inventory, So who ever said they returned it failed or lied

Hello again, John,

Our staff has just resent back the item for this offer. Could you please check on your Steam account and accept the trade offer? I will be here if you need anything. You may also reply back to the email I sent you a while ago. Sorry for the continued inconvenience.

Best regards,

For reference, this was my earlier reply:

I was told by the respective department that your skins are now returned, John. Could you please check on your end if you have them already? My sincerest apologies again for the delay, I hope you could look into revising your review for a possible upgrade. Thank you in advance; Please let us know if we can help you with other stuff, John.

Had one successful account I bought a while back so I thought I would buy another two accounts. They straight up take your money but won’t deliver accounts, excuses are given about them being sent to my emails but it has been over a day with no email sent. No support either on it.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I was able to resend the game account info for both orders; Could you please check from your end? If you were able to receive them, could I possibly ask for a bump up with your rating? Thank you. Please let me know if you have other concerns that I can help you with, Tim.

Best regards,

The second the seller recieve my money he recovered the account back. I purchase the extra coverage and player auctions still wouldnt give me my money back. never buy from these untrustworthy bastards.

I was able to check on the order, and the reason why this was closed in favor of your seller is because we weren’t able to receive sufficient evidence from you. Please note that even with insurance packages, we still require buyers to send compelling evidence, which usually comes in the form of a screenshot from an email or Twitter correspondence of the game publishers; It should that the game account in question was reclaimed by the original owner. We have this as a policy to validate claims and to be fair to the seller as well.

I sincerely apologize that the outcome wasn’t favorable for you. I you have further questions that I can help with, please do not hesitate to write back, Calvin.

Best regards,

Won’t dispute and never got my money back for the order. Someone sold me a stolen account and did not provide all the info for it so when I asked for a refund player acutions found it in my favor and said that I would get a refund within 7 days but I never received one and it’s been almost 2 months.

I checked and the order ID you provided closed successfully; There are no email threads or tickets for this. If this was disputed, you most likely were not able to send compelling evidence. If this is the case, I’m truly sorry as we can no longer reopen cases like this. If you have further questions or concerns, kindly use the Q&A form here in SiteJabber so we can get back to you.

Best regards,

I’ve bought multiple accounts with 1 year buyers insurance, then the account would even be recovered within A WEEK. My two biggest issues were that I never once received a refund for any of my accounts, even after following all of the support teams instructions. The icing on the cake was when I notified PlayerAuctions about being scammed, the user still remained on the site, which was VERY irritating.

Other than that big issue for me, I haven’t had any issues when selling accounts or buying gold. Only thing that seems like a rip-off to me is the insurance account scam, so I make sure to tell my friends not to bother with account buying on the site (even though I mentioned that I sell accounts, but none of my buyers have had any complaints).

I am sorry to hear about this; I sent you a private message, I hope you can check on it soon. Hope you have a good day ahead!

Best regards,

Playerauctions have are great. They provide a safe environment to purchase in-game goods with no doubt of receiving those goods. In the past I’ve purchased online goods only to never hear back, but player-auctions changed that! Always am provided with the goods purchased. 100% recommend

Please stay away from PA at all cost. I submit the dispute and PA told me officially that if the seller do not response in 3 days, then the money will be automatically refunded. However, after three of no response by the seller, they closed the case and rule favor the seller. What a sad story.

Tip for consumers: Please stay away from PA at all cost.

I received multiple messages from the game publisher directly saying that the account was reclaimed by the original owner, which is exactly what PlayerAuctions is asking for. One of them is attached here. The other ones contain confidential information about the seller. However, their team completely ignored the valid evidences.

The very same image you attached here wasn’t found in your dispute thread. Could I ask you to send this over there? This needs to happen in order for this piece of evidence to be considered for the case. Sorry for the hassle, I can’t do this on your behalf, but I already notified an agent about this and their team will be standing by. Your case is still open and the team cannot decide with finality yet.

If you have any questions, please post them in the dispute thread. Again, my sincerest apologies for this. I hope you have a good weekend, SL.

Best regards,

I ALREADY include the messages sent by Steam saying that the account is reclaimed by the owner. It is clearly sufficient. I have to escalate it to paypal if you are continuously ignorant.

Everything went smoothly until the seller reclaimed the account with the historical credit card payment information immediately after the PayPal payment was processed. Luckily I purchased the insurance and have compelling evidence on my hand. Let’s see if I am forced to go through the PayPal dispute process.

I checked your case with the team and currently, it’s still in a dispute with the other user. The next step for this is for the case/dispute to be escalated to our team for mediation. I would also like to tell you that as per checking, the evidence you have submitted is insufficient. Please contact the game publisher and have them send you a statement that says the game account was reclaimed by the original owner. If you have any questions, please write to us anytime.

Best regards,

Amazing customer support.

My whole negative experience with Player auctions customer service has changed.

I had an issue with an account I bought. Basically the guy who sold me the account recovered the account from me so I lost the account & the money I paid for the account. I opened a dispute about the situation and sadly lost the dispute even though I had evidence the account was recovered.

Playerauctions (Richard) reopened the case for me and sorted everything out within 2 days and I got my money back through my insurance! I must say my whole negative experience turned into a postive experience.

Thank you so much Playerauctions (Richard) in particular.

It was cut and dry. I paid for items, and they were never delivered. I asked for a refund, and was denied by the seller. The website said I needed to prove that I never received what I paid for in order to get my refund, which blows my $#*!ing mind. Was I to take a screenshot of my empty inventory? I’m guessing that the seller wasn’t required to prove anything, and that it was entirely on me to prove what I had no evidence of. Plain and simple, this website is a $#*!ing scam, or at least a $#*!ing joke. This website endorses theft. Plain and simple.

Great P2P website. Been using it for years, definitely recommend it. Never been scammed or anything. Huge variety of games as well.

It certainly makes no sense whatsoever to “prioritize processing the order” since it is Impossible to see how PA could “process the order” without first ensuring that I had received the account information. Also, I had to start a dispute because of PA’s slow and poor response, so there was no processing to be done. The comment that the so-called customer service reps had managed to respond is inane. They sent a canned response that did not even come close to addressing the issue. Since the seller was helpful and we resolved it independently, the order worked. If it hadn’t been for that, I’d still be waiting.

Thank you for the update, and in spite of the setback, I’m relieved to hear that the order worked out. I apologize for how the order went, and if you ever need our help, please message us anytime and we’ll do our best to double our efforts the next time around. I would like to at least make this up to you.

Best regards,

For reference, I am posting my previous reply below:

I’d like to sincerely apologize for the lack of responses. I was able to check your tickets and the order log, and I can confirm that the game account email was resent to you twice during the dispute period. We thought it was more urgent to process the order first before replying to the messages, but even with that I also saw that our agents were able to reply — we just wanted to prioritize the resending of the email first.

If there’s any way we can make it up to you by expediting or assisting you with a future order, please let us know and we’d be more than happy to do it for you, SA. Write to us anytime if you have any questions.

Best regards,

The site is fine if there are no problems with a sale but trying to get a response from their so-called “customer service” if something goes wrong is unbelievable, You can die waiting for this to happen. I initially got a response that didn’t work, told them it didn’t work, posted numerous follow ups saying that nothing had worked, got no response at all, then finally got an email saying that PA was happy it had assisted me to resolve the issue–it hadn’t–and could I please give them feedback. If the seller hadn’t been so very nice, patient and helpful throughout it would still be unresolved.

Tip for consumers: Avoid their customer service like the plague. There’s no way at all to talk with someone, no live chat, no phone number. If there’s another middleman service available, use that instead.

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