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Scaffolding is a high risk trade. As a scaffolder, you erect temporary structures to provide stable support when work cannot be done from the ground. However, erecting structures exposes you to a number of risks, including the risk of falls and collapsing of scaffolds. Apart from this, scaffolding exposes the public to risks by the collapse of faulty structures, or injuries from the tools being used on-site.

Risks faced by scaffolders

There are a number of risks for sole traders, contractors & businesses operating as scaffolders. Most of these hazards are associated with the erection, use, maintenance, alteration, and dismantling of scaffolders.

Sole traders, contractors and businesses operating as scaffolders face the risk that scaffolds may cause damage to property and public, plus damage to surrounding property. Goods in transit, slips, trips and falls, electrocution and theft of equipment are also risks for scaffolders.

Business insurance policies for Scaffolders

To protect you against insurable risks SMART can provide you with a competitive quote on suitable business insurance for scaffolders.

Public liability insurance:

  • The risks of materials falling from or being blown from height and cause injury to people or property
  • Unauthorized access, attractive nuisance
  • Liability to sub-contractors, vicarious liability for subcontractors
  • Damage to customer and other third party property
  • Third party injuries from tools, equipment and materials and

Products liability insurance

  • Not following specifications or building codes/specific Australian standards
  • Defective installation work
  • Completed operations exposure (especially for permanent scaffold structures)
  • Strenuous work conditions including lifting heavy objects, standing for long hours, risk of working at heights, stooping and kneeling.
  • Risk of injury from falls and slips. Injuries due to cuts and burns. Injuries from moving parts of machines and vehicles on-site. Risk of electrocution and other accidents.
  • Breakdown of machines and tools used on the main premises or taken to various sites.
  • Essential cover for mobile machinery.

Trailer insurance, van insurance and ute insurance should also be strongly considered.

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Scaffolding businesses:

There are approximately 485 scaffolding businesses employing 4,400 scaffolders in Australia. In addition, there are a number of self-employed scaffolders.

Key scaffolding activities include:

Scaffolding contractors hire and erect temporary framework used to support people and material in the construction and repair of buildings and other large structures. Scaffolding activities can include planning and preparation, maintenance of scaffolding , dismantling of scaffolding , hiring of scaffolding without labour.

Different types of scaffolding:

Steel or aluminium scaffolding

Famous scaffolders:

Comedian and film star: Paul Hogan, British boxer who took on Mohammed Ali: Richard Dunn, Music Promoter for Led Zepplin:Richard Cole.


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Scaffolding Insurance

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Whilst scaffolding in Australia has become relatively safe, there is still the ever-present risk of something going wrong.

And when you consider what’s involved in scaffolding, when something goes wrong it can easily end very badly.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you and your business are properly insurance.

There are a number of insurance types which are important for a scaffolding business, and in this guide we’ll look at three of the big ones.

Public liability

One of the greatest fears for any scaffolder or scaffolding business owner is that your work results in property damage or serious injury to another person.

The nightmare scenario involves the failure of scaffolding which results in serious injury or death to those below the scaffolding.

Besides the obvious emotional impact, there will also be very serious financial consequences if you or your business is found to be responsible.

This is where public liability insurance comes in.

Your public liability policy can cover the costs of a claim against you or your business where your negligence has resulted in property damage or personal injury to another person.

Even if the courts find that you were not at fault, your insurance can still cover the substantial legal costs that will have most likely been incurred.

Because scaffolding is considered to be higher risk occupation when compared to other trades such as carpenters, the costs involved will generally be higher.

Furthermore, as most mainstream insurers impose height limited of between 10m and 15m when working externally, you may need to use a specialist insurer.

Because of this, when requesting a quote on your public liability it is important to let your broker know about the heights you will be operating at.

Through our network of insurance experts we have access to specialist insurers and underwriters who can assist most scaffolding businesses regardless of the heights worked at.

General property

Although scaffolding gear is pretty tough stuff, it is still expensive to replace if it is lost or damaged beyond repair.

By insuring your equipment and tools you can protect them from a range of different risks including theft from a secure location, fire or lightening and damage caused in a vehicle collision.

Additional coverage is available if you need your gear to be covered whilst it is left on site overnight. This is an extra-cost option, but may be worthwhile depending on your needs.

Income protection

The risk of injury to scaffolders is high, and the risk of a very serious injury is also high due to the heights commonly worked at.

Income protection is an absolute must to ensure that you can continue to survive financially even when you cannot work.

If you’re an employee you will likely have access to sick leave and workers compensation, but if you work for yourself you’ll be on your own without income protection.

Even if you are an employee on wages, income protection is still very important, especially in the event that you suffer an injury which keeps you away from work for a long period of time.

For more information on this form of insurance please visit our income protection guide.

It may also be worth considering additional forms of cover such as TPD insurance. This can provide further assistance if you suffer a career-ending injury.

Quotes and more information

Through our network we can help you with obtaining quotes and advice on the full range of insurance types of scaffolders.

To speak with an expert simply call us on 1300 542 245, or complete our online quote request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Scaffolders Public Liability Insurance

As public liability insurance specialists we offer a highly competitive quote and cover service for public liability insurance for the scaffolder with full quotations containing all premium and cover information to help you make an informed choice.

What is public liability insurance for scaffolders?

The scaffolder public liability insurance policy protects you against claims in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by third parties arising during the course of your business. It pays any awards that are made against you and also meets the cost of any legal defence of any claim, whether you are responsible or not.

Why does a scaffolder need public liability insurance?

Every day scaffolders face the risk of legal action being taken against them in respect of their liability for personal injury or property damage arising in the course of their business activities. The awards that may be made as a result of a successful claim can be catastrophic but even the legal costs of defending the most spurious claim can cause severe financial hardship.

What is the limit of indemnity under the scaffolders public liability insurance policy?

The limit of indemnity under the scaffolders public liability policy is the maximum liability of the insurance company in respect of each and very claim under the policy. Common limits are £1M, £2m and £5M with additional levels available upon request. It is up the individual scaffolder to decide what is the appropriate level for their needs and this may depend upon the type of activities you are engaged in, your perception of the risks you face and perhaps any contractual requirements that the scaffolder may have entered into.

How much is public liability insurance for a scaffolder?

The price you pay is specific to your requirements and will depend how many people are involved in your business, the limit of indemnity you require and whether you have previously had any claims made against you. If there are any unusual features about your business or you require cover for additional occupations, we can accommodate most businesses but this may also affect the premium you pay.

Is the scaffolder public liability insurance policy on a claims made or claims occurring basis?

Most scaffolders public liability policies are arranged on a claims occurring basis. This means that the policy responds to claims arising from incidents that occurred whilst the policy was in force.

Will there be a policy excess under my scaffolder public liability insurance?

There will be no policy excess in respect of claims arising from personal injury. Claims in respect of third party property damage will generally be subject to an excess and this will often be £250. The details of your excess will be shown clearly in your quotation.

How do I buy scaffolder public liability insurance?

You can apply on-line for scaffolder public liability insurance or call us direct to discuss your requirements with one of our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements for scaffolder public liability insurance and provide you with a range of alternatives from our extensive panel of providers.

Scaffolders Insurance

Protect your business and your clients fully with our scaffolding Insurance.

  • Flexible payment by instalments to help you spread the cost
  • Standard cover for scaffolders working on domestic properties up to heights of 15m; insurance can be extended for work at greater heights
  • Cover can be extended to include your poles and boards

Request a scaffolders insurance quote suited to your needs

Or contact us directly for a tailored scaffolders insurance policy:

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What does scaffolders insurance cover?

What is scaffolders insurance?

Our cover offers public liability insurance for you, your clients and the public. It offers cover for any legal fees and compensation costs from damage or injuries caused during jobs you are undertaking. Our scaffolders liability insurance limits range from £1-10 million.

Covers against damage to buildings, vehicles and property

Our scaffolders insurance provides cover against the risks of working in a public environment and the potential damage that can be caused to vehicles, buildings, and third-party property.

Cover for scaffolding equipment in transit

To allow you flexibility to move your equipment efficiently, we offer cover against theft or damage while your scaffolding equipment is in transit.

Meets statutory requirements for up to ten employees

We can insure you for up to 10 scaffolding staff, and cover remains in place even when someone leaves, automatically insuring new employees. This meets all your legal requirements for employee cover.

Scaffolders Insurance Claims

In the event of a claim please give us a call and we will talk through your claim and help guide you through your next steps in the process.

Need to make a claim?

  • Your policy number
  • A contact number
  • Details of your claim
  • Relevant photos

Scaffolders Insurance Articles & Guides

Get tips and advice from our industry experts to ensure you get the best out of your scaffolders insurance.

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Public liability insurance could be the most important cover you have. Not only does it pay out for claims that could otherwise topple a successful business but in many cases not having it would put customers and partners off using your services. Our simple guide looks at the main features and pitfalls.

Scaffolders Insurance FAQs

Can you include general building work in your scaffolders insurance?

Yes general building work to be added into your scaffolders insurance policy. Please enquire for details.

Can you insure scaffolding equipment?

Yes. We can offer full cover for your scaffolding equipment, including protection whilst the scaffold is being put up and taken down, your poles and boards, and your tools.

Can you offer scaffolders insurance for work on commercial and industrial properties?

Yes we can extend your scaffolders insurance to cover commercial and industrial properties. We can also cover you for heights of more than the standard 15m on request; please enquire for details.

Are labour-only scaffolding sub-contractors covered in the same way as direct PAYE staff under the employer’s liability policy?

Yes. We can cover both types of scaffolding employees for the same risks, although it is very important to declare how members of your scaffolding workforce are employed as this will affect how your risks are calculated.

Where can I find more information about Direct Debit?

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme to spread payment over ten months.

To find out more, please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page.

Other products you may be interested in:

As well as scaffolders insurance, we offer the following policies:

Scaffolders’ Liability Insurance

Scaffolders are often regarded as high risk by underwriters due to working at height. Here at Avis insurance we have built up relationships with insurers and underwriters to ensure your business is given the best opportunity to get comprehensive cover at a highly competitive price. You need an insurance policy that protects you and your clients, and with Avis insurance you get just that. We can offer cover combining public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance up to £10 million and you get the simplicity of a single premium and a single renewal date. Immediate hassle-free cover and the ability to spread the cost over ten months.

Public liability insurance is absolutely essential to avoid the possibility of putting your business in financial jeopardy. It protects you for your actions whilst at work and covers you and your employees for any damages that a member of the public or any other company may be awarded as a result of injury caused to them or for any damage to their property. Liability insurance will cover costs for compensation payments as well as any legal expenses.

In addition to providing peace of mind, if you are an employer you are legally obliged to have employers’ liability cover. It protects you against claims that might be brought against you should an employee or labour only sub-contractor injure themselves at work due to your negligence.

For a competitive scaffolders’ liability insurance quote give our friendly team a call. You won’t find an unwelcoming call centre but instead will be looked after by someone who has an in-depth understanding of the scaffolders’ liability insurance market. Avis Insurance account handlers are qualified to at least Cert CII level (Chartered Insurance Institute) meaning that in addition to providing you with the lowest possible quote they also have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all aspects of your cover.

Request a quote

  • Expert guidance on hand
  • Up to £10 million cover
  • Competitive premiums
  • All the documents you need delivered promptly
  • Spread the cost over 10 months

Many of our customers who purchase scaffolders’ insurance also take advantage of the following other complementing products to ensure they have full cover for their business needs.

Let us give you a highly competitive quote for your lorry insurance and keep all of your business cover under one roof. And if you operate three or more vehicles (including vans and cars) you can take advantage of a fleet policy saving you time and expense.

An out of action vehicle means lost business so our a range of breakdown insurance cover is there to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We offer a range of roadside assistance cover and if the vehicle can’t be fixed at the side of the road you will be recovered to a local garage.

Excess protection insurance covers you against the cost of your insurance excess should you need to make a claim as a result of a fault accident. A choice of indemnity levels mean you can easily select the right protection for your needs.

Business Legal Expenses

Legal protection will safeguard your business against unexpected and high legal expenses and therefore protect your finances.

Is it compulsory to have liability insurance?

If you employ anybody in any capacity it’s a legal requirement to have an Employers’ Liability insurance policy.

Can I pay monthly for my liability insurance?

All our policies can be paid in monthly instalments.

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