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71 Auto Owners Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Our son was rear-ended on May 11, 2018 by a man with Auto Owners Insurance and they do not want to pay the full amount to have our son’s car repaired. The accident was completely the other guy’s fault and the police report states that. Our son’s car had a cracked bumper and a completely broken exhaust. They paid for the bumper and only part of the exhaust. They said we need to just have it welded instead of replacing it. Well, that is unacceptable. The accident was not our son’s fault and yet they do not want to repair his car. The exhaust was barely hanging on and he needed to drive it to work. The appraiser they used was a jerk and had the model wrong for the car, he had the lower end model listed and it is the high end model and he low balled the estimate. We have been through 3 customer service reps and none of them listen to us.

They said the exhaust should be welded and that’s it. They also do not want to pay for the rental insurance on the rental they gave him for a week. They said it’s because he doesn’t have collision on his own vehicle so that’s on him. Again, the accident was not his fault, he should not be out any money. We had an independent estimate done by Abra Auto Body and Glass in Milford, Ohio, per their request to prove the repair amount and they still won’t pay. They don’t even care that he went by ambulance to the hospital for a mild concussion either. They also don’t return calls and they are never available when you call them. My sister has been in 2 accidents since this happened to our son and both times the insurance has paid. It shows that Auto Owners likes to punish the person that their insured hits.

Our son has had to pay for a new exhaust mostly out his pocket and my husband had to put it on, we could not afford the repair shop to do the repairs because we weren’t given enough money. We even took the car for a 3rd estimate but they haven’t budged. Our insurance company (American Family) has actually paid the medical bills because Auto Owners has refused. Again, our son was rear-ended. This insurance company is a joke. I would never recommend them. It’s been 4 months and this is still going on, ridiculous.

Auto Owners performed an initial audit on my payroll as normal, but doubled my rates, and the following year when my payroll dropped to 1/4 that of what it had been it did not reduce my rates but increased them another $460! They are deceptive and stated that they never received my audit even when I sent it directly to them have a signature and email to prove they received it. They refused review the audit and continue to lie about their information. When contacted they say they will send an itemized statement and never do. They finally sent one after I cancelled service and stated I own over $3000! They are scammers and I will never trust their company again. I now have one that is paid after each payroll is completed.

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I was rear ended by a driver insured by Auto Owners on June 8, 2017. I injured my neck and back. I was seen on an outpatient basis for a year and then ultimately I had to get a Cervical Discectomy with Fusion (Neck Surgery) on July 16, 2018. After reviewing my Doctor’s notes, Therapy notes, MRI’s, CAT Scans, X-Rays and Surgical notes I was offered $2,800 from “Tim”. I am 3 weeks post neck surgery. I had two vertebrae removed and repaired with a metal plate. I still have a Syrinx (Fluid filled cyst) on my cervical spine from the impact of the rear end. I am being told that there is no treatment for it. I will continue to have limited function of my neck despite having surgery due to this “Syrinx”.

I would not recommend this company. I am preparing to sue them. Instead of just paying the policy limit (which is significantly lower than my actual expenses), they would rather take a “roll of the dice” in court. My surgery alone cost $45,000. Not to mention the other bills which total another $35,000. I’m so angry that my life has been ruined by one of their policyholders and they have the mitigated gall to offer me $2800 (as if I’m a joke or something). ** that!! I’m taking them all the way to court. I’ve had enough of their games.

Recent hail damage claim was handled extremely expeditiously and received claim payment very quickly. Adjuster was very courteous and helpful in answering questions, and worked very well with my roofing contractor.

My teenage children was in an auto accident on September 2, 2017, when another driver turned in front of them. My daughter’s car was totaled and both had to be taken to medical care. I have Auto Owners insurance and have submitted the medical bills to be paid. To date, the bills have not been paid and I have placed more time and effort into getting these bills resolved than my insurance company has. They have lied to me and continue to give me lame excuses. I have had to hire an attorney to represent my daughter, who suffered to most injuries. I would never recommend Auto Owners insurance company to anyone. I will be dropping them if/when I ever get this resolved.

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In July of 2018 I was involved in an accident with one of their insured. I was traveling eastbound when I came up on an intersection they isn’t complicated to work. Their client was traveling westbound preparing to turn left (would then be heading south). I had a solid green arrow and the insured had a flashing yellow arrow, which means yield to the right of way. The insured wasn’t paying attention and began to turn left as I was entering the intersection, I went to slam on my brakes I was unable to stop in time, and collided with the car.

After immediately filing a claim with them that night it has been a horrible and draining experience with this company. First I got a call from the adjuster and he told me he was going to be in town from 11am-4pm the day he called to schedule to meet me. As I had to work I told him that wouldn’t work. He said he was going to be driving back through town around 6 and I said that could work but I wouldn’t be at home and asked if he could meet me at a different location. He agreed and still ended up being 25 minutes late. The adjusted estimated $2100 worth of damage which we immediately knew was incorrect. I continued to drive my car because I had not been told I shouldn’t be. My hood was buckled and we knew that, but in the state of Kansas it’s illegal to drive with a buckled hood as it could be dangerous, which you’d think the adjuster would have informed me of that stipulation.

After finally getting the repair approved I took it to a repair shop. (Luckily we got to choose the repair shop so we took it to a local business who’s been in business for decades and is very helpful.) The repair shop immediately told us the estimate was low, how low he had no idea. After a week of trying to get the adjuster back in they explained that his adjustment was only half of what it would actually take to repair it. After almost another week of nothing we were informed that the agent decided the car was a total loss, which according to KBB, NADAguides, and Edmunds should’ve been a total of $5200 and Auto Owners claimed the vehicle was only worth $3400, which is completely unacceptable.

Some issues not mentioned include trouble with a rental car, trouble with the agent not being available for days at a time with no urgency to get back to us, among basic disrespect and nonprofessional handlings. Auto Owners has been a nightmare to work with and I don’t recommend insuring anything through them. They employ inconsiderate, bottom feeding, power hungry people. I am so sorry for anyone who has or will ever have to deal with this joke of a company.

My husband and I had an automobile wreck. We were hit by an individual that was uninsured and my car was totaled. I had my vehicle paid for so this was definitely a loss for us. However, to make matters worst the lack of communication with our adjuster was below standard. My husband and I would call and it would go straight to voicemail and we would leave a message. The voicemail stated to only leave one message and we followed the “rule”! Although we never received a callback!

My husband finally had to press another prompt and have someone make her pick up because we didn’t even know at the time if our car was repairable or not. In the end we were given below retail value of the vehicle and aren’t satisfied! We live in a hurricane prone area and have our homeowner’s insurance with Auto Owners as well! Our home is paid for I pray we don’t have a claim! Keep in mind we have been loyal customers for years and never had a claim. Guess it’s time to do some insurance shopping!

I was on my way to visit my son in Florida, and as I stopped at a rest stop in Palm Beach county, in a matter of three minutes someone broke out my back car glass and stole my purse. I have been stuck here for 6 days with no purse, credit cards, bank cards, or ONE SOLITARY cent. I have a broken out glass in all this rain and my new car is ruined. Auto Owners was contacted that very evening and so far, they have not done one thing to help me.

They finally sent an adjuster today, 6 full days later. Of course, they regretted to inform me that they could not help me. I have given this bunch of jokers my money for car and homeowner’s insurance for years, and got NOTHING in return. As soon as I can get back to Tennessee, I am dropping this company as soon as I can get the money to get home. Whatever you do, DON’T deal with this shoddy company. Their customer service reps were also rude, uncaring and very unprofessional!

Been a client since 2016 and just canceled July of 2018 and they just now are telling me I’m an entire month behind. They admit to withholding their policy from the clients until they cancel. There was never any notice to me or our independent broker about this policy and they distastefully admit to keeping it within their own walls. We were told from our first payment that each payment would be for the month that we were paying (ie; may payment was for May coverage, June was for June, and July was for July.). This is what we were explained. But now that we have cancelled, suddenly we are an entire month behind leaving us with a balance due of more than what we were paying in the first place. Very rude customer service and a disgusting display of human beings.

I called to file a claim after my roof was leaking due to hurricane damage. Well they scheduled for someone to come out but they didn’t call or show after I had taken off work. Heard from them a week later and the adjuster finally came out to look at all the water damage on my ceiling and wall. She assured me that it would get taken care of. Well 2 weeks passed and I finally got a letter in the mail denying my claim and a threat to cancel my policy if I didn’t get it repaired right away. Needless to say I am no longer with them. Don’t waste your time or money with these guys.

Seems like Auto Owners Insurance company is just another insurance company that nickel/dimes their customers and provides the bare minimum service required by law and if they can get away with not paying for a small charge they should be responsible for they are willing to try and take advantage of someone because they know most people won’t take them to small claims court or call an attorney over an issue under a few hundred dollars.

Long story short someone covered by the Auto Owners Insurance company hit my car and was admittedly at fault. I have a Sirius Radio subscription for my car that I pay about $12 a month for but when I go to get my rental car I am supposed to pay $7 a day for it. I don’t think it is too much to ask for the insurance company for the at fault person to have to pay for the Sirius Radio service if you have a valid subscription on the car that is in the shop getting fixed. I can’t stand being treated this way. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use Auto Owners Insurance unless you don’t care about getting the run around when it comes time to make a claim or get your car fixed.

We own a small business which is open six days a week. Due to a power surge which occurred three weeks ago, we had to make a claim. This company is creating a horrible hardship with our small business! They’re dragging their heels and it seems they are doing everything in their power to NOT communicate with us. Ever hear of “chasing your tail?” This is exactly what we are doing because of their extremely poor customer service and near zero communication. We have faithfully paid our very expensive monthly premium yet they are obviously not concerned about us though. We are already looking for a new insurance company because this one scares us. What if we had a major claim? It gives us nightmares to even think how they would handle it! I have a feeling they would high tail to China so they would never be found! Good-bye, Auto Owners — shame on you!

Auto Owners Insurance was very thorough in resolving issues. They were very quick to respond and made sure the job was done very well and to our satisfaction. They were polite and listen well so any concerns can be met or explained within the first conversation. They take time for you and do not rush your conversation. Additionally, their claims process is exceptional and quick. The prices on their products are somewhat cheaper than the average insurance company.

My roof had hail and wind damage and Auto Owners refused to pay for a new roof. I called and made a claim mid Oct 2017. I had two roofers to my house and both said hail, wind, and water damage inside. First roof company tarped the roof. Auto Owners sent out an adjuster whom I found out a week later was no longer with company. Then they sent out an Engineer for a final decision because I kept fighting the decision. He reported back I had no damage at all and my roof was just old, but get this, he never even lifted the big tarp. Their final decision in Jan 2018 was that they would NOT pay, yet two very close neighbors had same damage and their insurance companies paid. I pay insurance for a reason!! I’m searching for a new company!

Auto Owners Insurance have great prices, even better when you bundle. Also, with any additions, changes or reference to information; they have been outstanding in customer service.

We have never had an accident or driving violation. The cost is somewhat high. We have been with the same agent and same insurer off and on for years. When we complain they change to one other company for a while and lower the insurance only to raise it again the next year. I feel the insurance company could give us a much better rate than we are getting. I feel one of the reasons insurance is somewhat high is because we use an agent. The agent does not look out for our interest. Their main concern is with the company. Also, this agency does not represent many other companies. People I know and ask all have the same two companies. Some competition would be good for them. I keep them because they are included with my homeowner’s and it’s a hassle to change.

Auto Owners was happy to take my money for full coverage for all of my cars, trucks, and trailers. Then on June 12, 2016 we had the worst hailstorm we have ever had, broke windows in my house, broke shingles on my roofs, and of course caused major damage to many of my vehicles; The other insurance companies I’m insured with took care of my houses and rentals, new roofs, windows and screens, “what you would expect”. This was done within 3 to 6 months to complete. Auto Owners did send out an adjuster in the first week, all was good. Then they ask for proof of ownership, this was given to them as they had asked and then the waiting, waiting.

Finally, they can’t find my ownership papers so they want them re submitted. (Frustrating) So We resubmit these papers again! Then waiting, and waiting, It has now been more than a year and still waiting, No one is talking to us from Auto Owners, still waiting, and waiting; (running out of Patience) AFTER ONE WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF. A check arrives in the mail. $200 OFFERED FOR EACH CAR DAMAGED. AUTO Owners, It turned into a nightmare and it still continues; I was offered $200. per car, for the repairs. I have bids from a local body shop as of today, average damage to each car is $3000. AUTO OWNERS HAS TO BE THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY.

I have a Michigan Catastrophic PIP Claim with Auto-Owners Insurance Company which began on May 28, 1999 and continued without much difficulty after that. When I did receive a period of difficulty from Auto-Owners in 2013 I was able to resolve the issues myself with the help of Healthcare providers. In September 2016 the little to no difficulty I had become accustomed to regarding Auto-Owners Insurance Company’s handling of my claim drastically changed. Following the beginning of September 2016, I have received a great level of difficulty that has continuously elevated. April 5, 2017 is the date of the oldest denial made on my claim by Auto-Owners I consider unreasonable. The denials I have received have been reasoned with speculation.

Even after sufficient medical evidence has been submitted to Auto-Owners by Healthcare providers and myself disagreeing with the denials, Auto-Owners has refused to acknowledge the medical documentation submitted providing proof of medical necessity. The denials have been stubbornly perpetuated by the Michigan Catastrophic PIP Claims representatives and their superiors. As a result, beginning April 4, 2018 I will begin to have necessary claim related medical mileage and miscellaneous expenses which have been denied become unrecoverable.

Auto-Owners claim representatives have denied this insured’s claims using speculative, false and misleading statements to what is covered hoping I am uninformed, naïve or gullible enough to accept the denials as they have stated. In addition, they have used speculative, false and misleading statements as their reasons for denial when Healthcare providers have submitted disagreements with supporting medical evidence. When my attempts to have my coverage honored by Auto-Owners Insurance Company continued the Claim Representatives and the people in positions of authority above them have “dug their heels in” and continued to stubbornly refuse coverage. I believe this is like any “playground bully” who takes something from you and refuses to return it to you no matter how much you beg or reason with them.

Even with sufficient well documented medical evidence in my claim file (for almost 2 decades) the coverage being denied is reasonable and medically necessary they have remained steadfast with their speculative, false and misleading reasons for denial. Denial of policy coverage made by Auto-Owners with NO medical evidence and based on speculation has been considered unreasonable by Michigan courts and supported by the State of Michigan Appellate Court when Auto-Owners has appealed these decisions.

I do not access or attempt to access any treatment, therapy, service or provider that is not supported as medically necessary for my care, recovery and rehabilitation of injuries sustained in the claim related MVA. Both my Healthcare providers and myself are diligent in documenting and submitting all the necessary medical evidence.

I understand how denials for $150.00 here, $800.00 there and even a few thousand dollars may seem like they are only “nickel and diming” me. That may be true if you receive a regular employment income. Unfortunately I am permanently disabled from the injuries I sustained in the claim related MVA. I survive on a Social Security Disability fixed income. Thus, I rely on reimbursements to replace the personal funds I am required to use from the fixed-income I survive on from month to month. Without the ability to recover the miscellaneous expenses I suffer because of my continued care, recovery and rehabilitation from these injuries I will not have the ability to continue my necessary care, recovery and rehabilitation. If this happens I will lose the mental, emotional and physical ability to perform the necessary activities of daily life.

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