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What SEO Isn’t

If you’re new to SEO, it’s important to have realistic expectations for what it involves. First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that SEO isn’t a once and done task that can be checked off your list and forgotten about. Although you could theoretically go through a site and optimize all of the title and header tags, for example, your work still wouldn’t be done.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can optimize your site once, and expect that the leads and traffic will continue to come rolling in for all of eternity. This is a common mistake for first-time SEO campaigns, and one that can prevent you from seeing the results you want. So what makes SEO an ongoing process?

First, SEO is an ongoing practice because Internet marketing is constantly evolving. What worked last year for your insurance company’s marketing plan may not be as successful this year or may not be successful at all. Internet marketing trends evolve with consumer habits and preferences, and so do the specific keywords that bring potential customers to your site.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Google and other search engines are constantly tweaking and updating their algorithms to ensure that they are delivering the best results possible to their users. With each of these algorithm updates comes new best practices in site optimization. In order to keep up and maintain your rankings, you must continue to tweak, optimize, and update your site according to those practices.

The other reason you need to continuously work on optimizing your website is that your biggest competitors aren’t sitting still. If you achieved great results with your initial SEO, and began getting more traffic and leads, your competitors most likely noticed – especially if your strategy affected their amount of traffic and leads.

When this happens, they’ll most likely respond by making new changes and updates to their own strategy and site. They will continue to do so until your insurance company and others insurance agents stop giving them a run for their money. If you want to maintain your initial rankings and success, ongoing SEO is absolutely necessary.

This is why SEO requires continuous investment and attention: If you sit still, your position in the rankings will quickly slip – and your initial investment could be for nothing.

Does SEO Work for Insurance Companies?

Yes, absolutely! SEO works across all industries and insurance companies are no exception.

Your potential customers are shopping online, so the key to creating and executing SEO successfully is to understand your customers and how they shop and search. You probably have a good understanding of who you customers are, but you might not understand how they shop online.

This is where keyword research becomes important for a successful insurance company marketing plan. Keyword research is one of the first steps in the early phase of SEO strategy development, and involves researching the exact words and phrases your customers use when searching for your services.

You’ll likely learn people search for things related to the insurance industry in ways you wouldn’t have expected. For example, did you know that on average, almost twice as many people search for “car insurance companies” vs. “auto insurance companies” and an even smaller portion of people search for “vehicle insurance companies”? These may seem like unimportant details, but can make all the difference in how you approach your strategy and the search engine results you want to compete for.

This type of information is helpful in crafting an SEO strategy for your insurance company and should help you identify hidden opportunities for marketing. Ultimately, your goal is to make sure your website provides all the information your potential clients are looking for, or at least enough to trust you and want to contact you for more details.

How to Craft A SEO Strategy for Insurance Agents

There are many pieces to the SEO puzzle. Content is another very important part of optimizing your website for search engines, but remember your clients are looking for it too! Your content strategy should be based on the results of your keyword research, competitor analysis, and your own industry knowledge.

Before you start drafting copy for your website, make sure the site structure makes sense and flows nicely. If it’s hard to navigate it won’t matter how much great content you have: your visitors and potential customers will get annoyed and likely start their search over.

Once you’ve decided the site flows nicely, think about the results of the keyword research, the questions you get asked all the time, and the pieces of competitors sites you liked and make sure they are all addressed somewhere within your site. If you think a page is really important and you want search engines to understand its value, you are going to have to add content to it.

Additionally, if you want that page to rank for “best insurance agency in Omaha”, you need to have that phrase worked into your copy naturally.

Moving forward with SEO

It’s important to know that most modern SEO strategies focus on providing customers with quality content. This can be anything from a detailed blog post on how to handle a certain type of insurance claim, to a downloadable PDF highlighting the most important information about a certain policy.

Search engines do their best to rank search results according to how much value they provide to Internet users. This means you can’t really get away with just keyword research anymore. While it’s still important to know what keywords you’re targeting and to include those in your copy, it’s even more important to make sure that your content is of a consistently high quality.

People have become much pickier when selecting an insurance provider because of how easy it is to research and vet potential agencies through the Internet. Pushing out high quality content to potential customers is a smart, effective way of distinguishing yourself as a trustworthy, industry-leading agency.

How to Get Started with Your SEO Strategy

Ready to learn more about SEO? If you want to try improving your SEO yourself, you should be aware that it’s not the easiest marketing method to learn. Some components of SEO are highly technical, and may require you to edit your website’s code and structure to see serious improvements. However, depending on your needs, sometimes all you’ll need to do to improve your visibility in searches is write new content and do keyword research.

In addition to the advice you’ve already found on this page, we have two resources you can consult to learn SEO:

  • On-Page SEO Checklist—This checklist offers some items you should check on each page of your website to make sure you have in place.
  • SEO Tutorial for Beginners—This blog posts gives some introductory tasks you can try to make your insurance agency website SEO better!

If SEO seems like too much to learn, or you just don’t have the time to take on another marketing method, we suggest getting in touch with an experienced SEO professional or agency to get your website where it needs to be in searches. An agency that offers SEO services for insurance companies can help you get more traffic from online searches, improve the number of leads you get online, and improve the amount of revenue you can attribute to your online marketing. Working with an agency will also allow you to do what you do best—run your insurance agency—while they focus on improving your SEO and marketing.

Need Help Improving Your Insurance Agency’s Visibility Online?

WebFX lives and breathes everything that is Internet marketing. We craft individual SEO strategies based on the unique marketing goals of your insurance agency.

If you need help making your insurance agency more visible online, we’re here for you. We can put together a custom quote designed to increase your visibility, improve your SEO, and get you more business than your competitors. Contact one of our web strategists today to learn more about how we can help you get more from the web.

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Auto Insurance Keywords

Search Popular Keywords in Your Industry

These are the most popular suggestions for Auto Insurance Keywords generated by WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool. To get have all of these keywords sent to you, simply enter your Email address and click “Email Keywords” below.

Auto Insurance Marketing Tips and Tricks

Have you ever noticed that all the major insurance companies ‒ Progressive, State Farm, Geico, Allstate – go the funny route with their TV advertisements? Progressive has Flo. State Farm has J.K. Simmons. Geico has the silky smooth geck. Allstate has Mayhem. Those funny TV ads are far from cheap, and you gotta wonder: how effective are they in persuading prospects to buy car insurance? What’s the ROI for Allstate on Dean Winters’ stunt double throwing himself down a flight of stairs? Does insurance marketing need to be expensive?

According to Google, yes. CPCs for insurance-related keywords are astronomical – on the order of $55, if you wanna get exact with it. So, even if you’re not an insurance giant spending boatloads of money for a cheeky reptile to be the face of your company, your marketing efforts are going to be costly. Fortunately for you, WordStream has some knowledge to drop about online advertising tactics in this highly competitive industry.

First, get around those insane CPCs using some trusty remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). For those who use this strategy, whenever a prospect who’s been assigned to your remarketing list searches something that matches one of your keywords, you’re allowed to adjust your bid in AdWords. For example, let’s say someone ends up on your site during a preliminary search for a car insurance quote. Eventually, the bounce. Thanks to RLSA, rather than remarketing via the display network and catching that prospect when they have no interest in buying car insurance, you can bid up when they once again search your keyword. This gives you an advantage in capturing a high-intent prospect.

One of the challenges of going up against huge brands in paid search is that you can’t use the power of their names in your ad copy. As a result, your ads appear bland next to those of your biggest competitors. Instead, try tapping into the power of positivity! In 2017, WordStream investigated successful ad copy to determine what exactly makes it work well. One key finding: nearly half of the most successful search ads used positivity in their ad copy. Experiment with different ways of injecting positive emotion into your ads and see how they perform!

Ad creative is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal; driving high conversion rates depends on the ability to gather demographic data and tailor your creative direction to best suit your targets. So, if you use the AdWords demographic functions and determine that your ads convert best among women between the ages of 40 and 60, you know to scrap the creative ideas you developed for boys aged 12-18. Failing to refine your creative according to your target demographic is akin to throwing money out the window – especially when you’re showing for keywords with CPCs over 50 bucks.

Finally, if you can’t go any higher with your already expensive keyword bids, improve your ranking in the organic search results with some tried and true SEO practices. Creating great content – a short cartoon, some customer testimonials – is never a bad idea. It will drive more traffic to your site, give you more opportunities to capture leads, and attach some personality to your brand. On top of that, make sure your site is mobile friendly and super easy to navigate. As time goes on, your prospects are spending more and more time on mobile – give them the fast, easy experience they need.

For more marketing tips and tricks, read all of the things on the WordStream blog!

Insurance Business Keywords

Search Popular Keywords in Your Industry

These are the most popular suggestions for Insurance Business Keywords generated by WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool. To get have all of these keywords sent to you, simply enter your Email address and click “Email Keywords” below.

Insurance Business Marketing Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with a simple fact: human beings are risk averse creatures. When we’re faced with uncertainty, we take measures to hedge against the risk of something going wrong.

For example, if a young man wants to go for a run outside and there’s a good chance of rain, he can run with a jacket tied around his waist. Sure, he’ll most definitely take some heat from his insecure peers who inexplicably mock those who think practically. But, he will have successfully insured himself against the impending rain. The same line of thinking drives the various insurance markets—home, auto, life, you name it.

The purpose of this example is to remind insurance marketers of what their prospects are looking for: protection against risks in an unpredictable world. Selling insurance is selling security.

Selling insurance is also expensive. The average Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) cost per click (CPC) for insurance-related keywords is a mind-numbing $55. As defeating as that may feel at first, it makes total sense—insurance is an incredibly competitive industry, and securing a single customer is a pretty big deal.

So, how can insurance marketers generate leads for their sales teams without burning through their budgets on a couple clicks? Let’s talk tactics.

It’s best to begin generally. Google uses lower CPCs to reward advertisers who offer relevant experiences to their prospects. We won’t get into the nitty-gritty of the Google Ads auction here, but the basic gist is this: the higher your Quality Score, the better your ad position and the lower your CPC. You can boost your Quality Score by driving higher click-through rates (CTRs) and optimizing your landing pages. Think of this system as a positive feedback loop: higher CTRs, better Quality Score, better ad position, higher CTRs, and so on.

A great way to increase your CTRs is to put your special offers in your headlines rather than in your descriptions. Don’t flatter yourself—no matter how terrific your ad copy is, prospects are basically just skimming the sponsored headlines. Don’t miss your only chance to get their attention! Something like “Get Your Free Quote Today!” or “Access to 24/7 Customer Support” has a better chance of standing out amongst the rest.

Don’t get it twisted—consumers’ tendency to skim doesn’t mean you should blow off your ad copy. In 2017, WordStream found that half of the most successful paid search ads incorporate positive sentiment into their copy. Insurance marketers should consider filling their copy with phrases like “live a longer, happier life” rather than “protect your family from danger.” As always, we encourage some good old fashioned A/B testing.

Up until this point, we’ve discussed tactics to help you drive higher CTRs and, thus, minimize your CPCs. But, the unfortunate reality of insurance marketing is that clicks are going to expensive no matter what. The good news: remarketing lists for search advertisements (RLSA) is a thing. This tool allows you to adjust your bids on a particular keyword when one of your remarketing prospects searches something related to that keyword.

Let’s say a prospect clicks on one of your search ads and eventually leaves your site without converting. Traditional Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing allows you to keep your brand on her mind, but doesn’t necessarily reach her when she’s interested in buying insurance. This leads to wasted impressions. Alternatively, with RLSA, you can ramp up your efforts (with a higher bid) specifically when the prospect demonstrates commercial intent—when she’s most likely to click and convert.

To wrap it up nicely: offer a highly relevant ad experience to prospects with commercial intent and you’ll do just fine in paid search.

For more online advertising wisdom, check out the WordStream blog.

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