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Direct Line car insurance

Direct Line is one of the most recognisable names in the industry, offering a variety of cover, ranging from multi-car policies to black box insurance.

Key points

  • Direct Line has been providing car insurance for over three decades
  • Third party only isn’t available, but it does offer black box insurance for those looking to economise
  • Cancellation can be done over the phone, but there may be fees if your policy’s already underway

Direct Line made headlines in 2014 when it enlisted Harvey Keitel for a new ad campaign.

Reprising his role as Pulp Fiction’s Winston Wolf, Keitel’s turn as the efficient, no-nonsense problem solver sent a clear message to customers – Direct Line was now in the problem solving business. providing those problems involve car insurance, not blood-soaked interiors.

Direct Line car insurance

Direct Line began life all the way back in April 1985. back when Philip Bailey and Phil Collins were topping the charts with ‘Easy Lover’, Roger Moore was still James Bond, and Mike Tyson had only just begun his pro boxing career.

While Philip, Phil, Roger and Mike’s time in the limelight has all come and gone, Direct Line remains at the top of its game. Three decades after selling its first car insurance policy, the Bromley-based company is still going strong.

As of 2018, Direct Line offers two primary forms of cover:


The comprehensive package includes theft, accidental damage and fire cover, as well as any claims made against you by other drivers.

It also includes a whole host of extras, such as new car cover, used car replacement and even hotel expenses – truly living up to its name as fully comprehensive.

Third party, fire and theft protection

Third party, fire and theft does exactly what it says on the tin – covering damage to others and their vehicles, fire damage to your vehicle and theft.

Direct Line’s policy also has a number of additional features, such as damage to in-car equipment in the event of fire or theft, and a five-year guarantee when using an approved repairer.

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Additional policies

Direct Line also offers a handful of individual packages that cover specific needs and circumstances. These include:

Direct Line multi-car insurance

If you have two or more cars to insure at the same address, a multi-car policy could save you money. What’s more, Direct Line protects your no claims discount (NCD) – so even if you do have an accident in one vehicle, it still won’t affect the NCD on another.

Direct Line short-term car insurance

Short-term policies generally last anywhere from a single day to a whole month. If you need to drive another vehicle as a one-off or for a limited period of time, Direct Line temporary car insurance could be just what you’re looking for.

Direct Line business car insurance

If you use your car for business purposes outside of commuting – such as driving to and from clients, offices etc – you may need to insure your car for business use.

Not to be confused with company car insurance, Direct Line business car insurance covers your own personal car for business journeys relating to your work.

Direct Line black box car insurance

For those looking to economise with a cheaper policy, it’s worth noting that Direct Line don’t currently offer third party only. However, it does offer a black box policy called DrivePlus.

This involves fitting your car with a monitoring device that records your driving data, and can save you money if you drive safely.

Better still, Direct Line will automatically give you a discount if you’re under 25 and have passed your test.

Can I compare Direct Line insurance quotes?

Direct Line prides itself on not being on comparison sites. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still weigh Direct Line car insurance quotes up against the competition.

GoCompare has a whole hoard of car insurance providers to consider, so there’s nothing stopping you from comparing these quotes with Direct Line. Beat the system and see how Direct Line fare against the rest of the field.

How to cancel a Direct Line car insurance policy

If you do decide to cancel your policy, you can do so by getting in touch over the phone.

Direct Line has a convenient. well, ‘direct line’ dedicated to dealing with your cancellation requests.

However, it’s unlikely they’ll want you to leave, so be prepared for some sweet talk.

Will I be charged a cancellation fee for leaving Direct Line?

According to Direct Line’s own T&Cs, you’ll get a full refund if you cancel an unused policy before it officially begins. However, you’ll likely incur an admin charge if you cancel once the cover is underway.

You’ll still receive a refund if you cancel within 14 days, but you will be charged for the number of days covered; eg you’ll pay six days of cover if you cancel six days into your policy.

If you’ve made a claim or a claim has been made against you during this time, you won’t receive a refund at all.

Meanwhile, cancellation after 14 days will see you receive a refund of any premium paid minus the number of days used at the time.

However, you’ll also be charged an admin fee for the privilege. If you run into any problems from there, it might be worth having Winston Wolf on speed dial.

Van Insurance from ВЈ182
a year

10% of customers paid this or less. Based on policies sold 01 November 2017 – 30 April 2018. Excluding add ons.

Van Insurance

Keeping you on the road

If your van is written off in an accident, Direct Line for Business Van Insurance can:

  • Find you an equivalent replacement
  • Pay you the van’s value in cash
  • Find you an upgraded van and you pay the difference

Subject to availability. Excludes theft claims. Minimum van purchase price of ВЈ3500. An exact match may not be available.

What we offer


Direct Line for Business Van Insurance provides one of the most comprehensive policies in the market as indicated by a Defacto 5 Star Rating, as of February 2018.

Our commercial van insurance includes Third Party Fire and Theft cover, accidental damage to your van and cover for personal belongings, medical expenses, personal accident and tools cover. Subject to selected levels of cover.

Third Party Fire & Theft (TPF&T)

This covers you if other people claim against you for injury or damage to their vehicle or property, and if your van is stolen or damaged by fire. You will also get:

  • Up to 9 years no claims discount
  • Repairs guaranteed for 5 years when you use our approved repairer
  • No administration fees to pay

Optional extras

We offer the option to extend your commercial van insurance with a number of optional extras for an additional cost.

Direct Line for Business offers a range of discounts that are aimed at bringing down the cost of your van insurance.

We offer the option to extend your cover with a number of optional extras.

Direct Line for Business offers a range of discounts that are aimed at bringing down the cost of your van insurance.

Comprehensive cover

Our comprehensive van insurance includes:

  • Third Party Fire and Theft cover
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Tools cover (up to ВЈ500)
  • Windscreen damage
  • Uninsured driver promise (Registration number, make and model of the other car is needed to make a claim. Comprehensive cover required and non fault claims only)
  • Personal accident cover
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal belongings
  • Hotel expenses
  • New vehicle replacement 1
  • Compulsory minimum EU cover
  • Fitted in-car equipment 2
  • Up to 9 years no claims discount
  • Repairs guaranteed for 5 years when you use our approved repairer
  • No administration fees to pay

1 If your vehicle is less than one year old and you are the first and only registered owner, we will replace it with one of the same make and model. t&cs apply
2 If permanently fitted cover is up to ВЈ1,000. If fitted as part of the vehicles standard equipment, cover is unlimited.

Optional extras

After 4 years, you can protect your No Claims Discount for a small extra premium. You can make 1 claim in any year or 2 claims in any 3 year period, and you won’t lose your hard-earned discount.

Our breakdown cover is in partnership with Green Flag. Below are some of the cover options.

Roadside assistance, once you’re ¼ mile from home and, if your vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside, we’ll take you and your vehicle to a suitable garage. We also offer a message service to let friends and family know what has happened.

Rescue Plus

All of the above, plus added protection if you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. We also cover your vehicle if it breaks down at your home address.

All the benefits of Rescue apply. If it’s apparent that we can’t fix your vehicle by the end of the working day, we’ll take you, your vehicle and any passengers, in a single journey, to your original destination, your home address or a suitable garage.

Recovery Plus

Extends all the benefits of Recovery to your home address, plus a choice of either:

  • A hire vehicle for up to 48 hours, or
  • The cost of alternative travel to return home or continue your journey
  • Overnight accommodation (including breakfast) in a local hotel while your vehicle is fixed (providing you are more than 25 miles from home) If necessary, we will also pay for a single standard class rail ticket for you or another driver to collect the vehicle.

For protection when driving on the continent, EuroPlus offers extensive cover designed to put your mind at rest. The level of cover offers all the benefits of Recovery Plus as well as European roadside help, the cost of travel home if necessary, and the cost of getting your vehicle back too, plus free legal cover and more.

Personal Cover

As with all our options, your vehicle is covered whoever is driving it. But for a small extra premium you can take out Personal Cover for any vehicle you’re travelling in, provided it’s under 16 years old and is both privately registered and being used in the UK. You can also extend this to include your partner too.

Direct Line breakdown cover is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited and provided by Green Flag Motoring Assistance. Direct Line and Green Flag are members of the same group.

These benefits are for comprehensive commercial van insurance only.

This optional cover is available for an additional premium.

  • If you have an accident involving your car where you are not to blame, you have the right to claim from the person responsible.
  • We’ll provide up to ВЈ100,000 of legal costs to help you to claim, where no other insurance policy will cover your losses, as long as there is a better than 50% chance that your claim will succeed.
  • Examples of what you may claim for include compensation for personal injury, loss of earnings and accident repair costs if you don’t have comprehensive van insurance.

What we assume to be true for you to qualify for this policy

Please ensure that the information you have provided is accurate and the statements on this page are all correct.

The premium is calculated using this information and any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information could invalidate all or part of the policy and result in claims being rejected or not fully paid. This policy will be governed by English Law unless you and we agree otherwise. Our cancellation and complaints procedures are detailed in the policy and our cancellation procedures are as follows:

  • If you cancel before your policy is due to start, we will return any premium paid in full.
  • If you cancel within 14 days of the policy starting , or within 14 days of receiving your documents (whichever occurs later), we will return any premium paid less a charge for the number of days for which cover has been given and an administration fee of ВЈ0.00 (including Insurance Premium Tax where applicable) or;
  • If you cancel after those 14 days have passed we will return any unused premium less the administration fee of ВЈ48.16 (including Insurance Premium Tax where applicable) or;
  • If you have made a claim or if one has been made against you during the current period of insurance, you will not receive a refund.

If your circumstances change between the date you purchase the policy and the date when you require the policy to commence, please call us. Failure to inform us of any changes could invalidate all or part of the policy and result in claims being rejected or not fully paid.

If you wish to purchase this policy, details of the payment options available to you and the purchase procedure are displayed on the following pages.

We will securely store your payment details so that we may automatically renew your policy for subsequent years. Each year we will write to you before we take any payment to remind you that this is happening.

Insurance cover is subject to our standard policy wording.

Mid term adjustments to your policy may result in an administration fee of ВЈ (including Insurance Premium Tax where applicable) as well as any additional premium incurred as a result of the amendment.

  • All drivers are at least 21 years of age and hold a valid UK or EU driving licence and are permanently resident in the UK.
  • The total number of accidents or claims for all drivers does not exceed 5 in the last 3 years.
  • The total number of convictions, fixed penalties or disqualifications for all drivers does not exceed 3 in the last 5 years.
  • Your No Claim Discount (NCD) must have been earned in the UK (including Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland) and issued by your previous UK insurer. All NCD must be written in English, the NCD level shown in years and not as a percentage. All NCD should be in your name as the policyholder and not be in use on any other vehicle.
  • The vehicle is kept at your address and has not been modified or altered in any way (including wheels, suspension, bodywork and engine), other than external signage, internal paneling and/or internal or external racking.
  • Any misrepresentation made by you in order to obtain a lower premium could result in cancellation of your policy and rejection of any claims.
  • If you selected one of the following occupations when obtaining your motor insurance quotation then the vehicle may only be used for Social, Domestic and Pleasure purposes: Motor Trade, Retired, Housewife / Househusband, Drivers, Students and Unemployed. If you require additional drivers to have business use or are uncertain about the type of use you require, please save your quote and contact us on 0345 301 4465
  • Your business or the business of your employer is not in any way connected with any of the following: the entertainment or fashion industry, professional sports, foreign service, foreign diplomatic personnel, mini-cab drivers or mini-cab controllers.
  • Your vehicle is not used for hire and reward including couriers.
  • Your vehicle is not used for the purpose of cooking food or providing hot or cold refreshments such as Ice Cream Vans, Burger Vans or does not carry hot bitumen or any other heated or refrigerated or frozen goods.
  • The annual mileage of your vehicle does not exceed 50,000

Good news for van drivers, Direct Line for Business offers a range of discounts that are aimed at bringing down the cost of your van insurance.

Direct Line was the first major insurance company in the UK that recognised named drivers’ No Claims history.

This means that when we provide your named drivers with a quote for Direct Line Van Insurance, we’ll recognise every year they haven’t made a claim on your policy.

Your named drivers’ no claims histories are automatically stored on our system. When they come to apply for their own policy with us, they simply need to give us your details online or on the phone. At this point they will be able to receive up to 5 years’ Named Driver No Claims Discount.

The named driver no claims discount may be lower than the no claims discount available to you as the main policy holder and may not be recognised by other insurers.

Use your No Claims Discount on your second van.

If you are the only person insured on your Direct Line for Business van insurance policy and you purchase a second van that will only be driven by you, we will match the number of years on your existing van and allow a discount.

Insure both your vehicles for less with Direct Line.

We don’t want to hit you in the pocket just because you own more than one vehicle. In fact, we are dedicated to doing the exact opposite – saving you money with the Direct Line Multi-Vehicle Discount.

We’re offering an introductory 15% discount on new commercial van insurance policies taken out on additional vans by existing customers, or members of their household, (subject to minimum premium, excluding add-ons).

Review: Direct Line Car Insurance

Key policy features

    Direct Line will provide a hatchback for up to 21 days in a row if your car is damaged or stolen and if you have Comprehensive cover with guaranteed hire car shown on your motor insurance schedule (Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited). Excludes windscreen claims and customer delayed claims.

Introductory discounts available on multi-car. Up to 10 vehicles per household. (Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited)

  • No admin fee for temporary or permanent changes to your policy during the year
  • Direct Line has been in the insurance business for more than 30 years and they take a strong stance of not appearing on comparison websites.

    Overview of the cover provided by the Direct Line Car Insurance policy

    Direct Line offer a range of insurance products, including van, home, travel and pet and often offer deals and discounts on their website, such as their multi-pet discount for pet insurance and special rates on multi car insurance. Introductory discounts available on multi-car. Up to 10 vehicles per household. (Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited)

    Their advertising campaign featuring Winston Wolf highlighted their aspiration to “solve customers’ problems”.

    Direct Line offers two types of cover: Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive.

    Third Party, Fire & Theft gives you the third party liability cover and also covers you if your vehicle is damaged or destroyed in a fire or is stolen. You get access to a 24/7 emergency helpline, as well as a guarantee on repairs for five years if you use an approved repairer. In-car equipment is included in the cover.

    Comprehensive cover offers all of the above (including the helpline, five-year repair guarantee and in-car equipment cover), but also covers your own vehicle for damage caused in an accident. Direct Line’s comprehensive cover includes replacement of child car seats, hotel expenses, vandalism promise, personal possessions cover, windscreen cover and medical expenses (each with its own limits – check policy documents for details).

    The Comprehensive policy also covers the cost of a taxi to one destination if you have an accident. (Comprehensive cover required. Taxi booked to one destination within the UK. Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited.)

    They also have an uninsured driver promise, which means if you have an accident with a driver who is uninsured and it wasn’t your fault, your excess will be covered and you won’t lose your no-claims discount. You will need to provide Direct Line with the uninsured driver’s registration number and the make and model of their car.

    When you take out a Direct Line car insurance policy, you can choose to add some extra features to your cover. You can protect your no claims discount, purchase motor legal protection and purchase breakdown cover (in partnership with Green Flag).

    Guaranteed hire car cover comes as standard with its comprehensive policy (Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited).This includes a guaranteed hire car whilst repairs are being carried out at an approved repairer, or for up to 21 days in a row if at a repairer of your own choice. Excludes windscreen claims and customer delayed claims

    You can purchase a guaranteed hire car upgrade when you purchase your policy, to receive a car similar to yours if needed.

    Direct Line also offers a telematics policy (also known as black box insurance) that may be useful for young drivers. Check out our list of the best black insurance policies. If you’re aged 25 or under with a full licence you can get an upfront discount in your first year when you add DrivePlus telematics to your policy. (Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited)

    Direct Line made the top 10 of our list of the best car insurers, click the link to find out where it came.

    How much does Direct Line car insurance cost?

    As with all car insurance providers, it’s difficult to make generalisations about policy costs because they depend so heavily on the circumstances of the driver(s) buying, the car being insured, the area they live in and so on.

    Direct Line made the decision to never be included in comparison websites, so they rely on direct contact with customers. Unlike many insurers, they are not paying the price comparison sites for the business they send to them. Direct Line says this enables them to pass on savings to their customers.

    You can check how much a Direct Line car insurance policy will cost you on the Direct Line website.

    What do Direct Line car insurance reviews from customers say?

    Direct Line uses review site Reevoo to collect customer feedback and on its car insurance page it says its average score is 9 out 10 based on over 26,000 reviews.

    On, Direct Line scores 1.5 out of 5 stars based on over 600 reviews.

    Over on their Facebook page, feedback is generally quite negative, based on feedback left in January 2018.

    What do Direct Line car insurance reviews from the experts say? conducted a reader survey in 2017 to find the best car insurance companies. Direct Line placed near the top of the list, ranked at number 8 out of 25.

    According to independent review site Fairer Finance, Direct Line ranked 10th in a list of 52 UK car insurance providers for customer experience in spring 2018. That gives it a silver ribbon.

    Fairer Finance also gives a star rating for the quality and cover levels of insurance products. Direct Line’s car insurance scores 4 out of 5.

    Direct Line’s car insurance policies are rated 5 Star by independent financial review service Defaqto.

    A Star Rating indicates where a product or proposition sits in the market based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features it offers.

    According to Defaqto A 5 Star rated policy “provides quality cover with a comprehensive range of features and benefits”.

    This article was independently written by Bought By Many. We were not paid to write it, but we may receive commission for any sales that result from you clicking on a link to one of our partners.

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