Insurance 2025808653

Insurance 2025808653

The best rates on homeowner’s insurance come from details and wide options. We have access to dozens of A rated carriers and a high probability our agency has your best fit.

Variety of carriers. We have carriers that can be quoted by computer in hours. Some details are submitted to underwriting teams and quotes are returned in several days. The wait is often worth significant savings.

Rating can be based the property location only, or use credit / insurance score, depending on what works best for you. We try not to use social security numbers when using a carrier rating heavily based on credit. (Instead we use birthdays and addresses to identify a client in an insurance database, avoiding a credit hit if there is financing in progress.)

I can compare all the options, present and explain the best. Chris Eibest (843)540-0722

The majority of our business comes from the zip codes 29928, 29926, 29910, 29909 and 29915.

Important details and differences when comparing quotes:

Deductibles: (Scroll down for easier viewing)

Percentage vs flat deductible: Wind & Hail coverage will often have a deductible in percentage form. The percentage is a % of the insured value of the house, not a % of the claim. Few carriers will write a policy with a flat $1000 or $2500 wind&hail deductible in coastal areas. We can arrange flat deductibles on the mainland much easier than on barrier islands.

Financial strength of carriers:

A.M. Best Rating: A.M. Best is the Standard & Poor’s of insurance rating, and has been around for over 100 years. Carriers rated A by other rating companies may have much less financial strength. (While SC has a guarantee fund, it only guarantees $300,000 in combined dwelling and contents. Higher value homes should be insured by stronger carriers.) The Sarasota Times-Herald wrote a Pulitzer prize winning article on this subject.

 Replacement Cost: Replacement cost is the amount of money needed to rebuild based on current material and labor, not the market value. Underinsuring may lower the premium, but can cause a pro-rated claim later. If a home is insured for 75% of its replacement cost and damaged but rebuildable, 75% of a claim could be paid. (For example, a $100,000 claim could mean $25,000 out of pocket.) Whenever possible, we use full replacement cost with 25% increased replacement coverage endorsement. This covers unexpected rises in the cost of labor or materials, possibly due to a local disaster.

Chris Eibest (843) 540-0722
As an independent agent, I make my living on commission. Thank you for dealing with me personally.

Harbor Light Insurance is an independent agency with access to dozens of A.M. Best “A” rated carriers.

I comparative shop to get your business, and every year at renewal.

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